7-Day MPH Online Program for Students and New Professionals

The 7-DAY MPH Online Program includes all the basic skills and tools global heath students and new health professionals need to start to rapidly succeed in their careers beyond their dreams and make a difference in the world! The program combines Dr. Elvira’s unique public health vision, simple and powerful tools, along with practical advice from her international professional experience of over 25 years.

Who is the 7-Day MPH Program for?
If you are a student considering a degree in global health, a global health student or a new health professional and want to fast track your career, the 7-Day MPH program will help you revise your career goals, manage career roadmap for ultimate success and learn practical tools to take effective action and save more lives. Each day you will learn practical skills while working with your coach to advance in your career by answering a “Transformational Question™”:

  • Day One - How to start improving your health career today: What is my career goal?
  • Day Two - How to identify opportunities to improve health services and programs every day: What difference can I make?
  • Day Three - How to deliver quality health services every day: How can I fast track my career?
  • Day Four - How to get support for your health programs or organization: What is my expertise?
  • Day Five - How to manage yourself to deliver an outstanding performance every day: How can I get all this done and get the job I want?
  • Day Six - How Global Health works and you can make a bigger impact: What is my next career step?
  • Day Seven - How to share your own success story.

For 3 months you will have access to personal online weekly coaching sessions to help you apply all you learn in the program make your career a success story that inspires everyone!

How does the 7-Day MPH work?
Every day you will log on at MIDEGO’s unique client’s only page and download your lesson. You may also choose the email version and receive an email everyday with your lesson. You read the lesson, think about it, and do something with what you just learned. After completing your daily assignment, send it back to your personal coach for feedback.

You will receive a certificate after completing all assignments, and success milestones for implementing your MIDEGO Career Success Project™. The program explains all the technical words you need to know, and it is the ONLY program with a money back guarantee. If after the 7 days you are not satisfied, MIDEGO will return the program fee. For more information, write to info@midego.com or call at +1-703-978-3331.

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