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Health Professionals working in public health programs or in public or private clinics or hospitals

You wish you could advance faster in your career. You have been a doctor or nurse or other health professionals for a few years, maybe worked in the public or private health sector or a global health project and are looking for ways to gain more experience faster and demonstrate a higher level of results. You need a program that helps you advance in your work and fast track your career. You need to become a leader!

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Professionals working in Global Health, Humanitarian and Development Organizations or Projects

You are ready for the next stage in your career. You've worked in the health sector or on projects in the field and have achieved practical experience. Now you want to move up to a senior position and use your unique talents and expertise so you can help other professionals in your organization and around the world. You need to establish yourself as expert in your field and advance your career.You are ready to become an expert leader!

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Professionals of Donor or International Organizations and Governments

You want more from your global health career; you want to make the most of your career and live a fulfilling life. You have probably achieved considerable experience managing a donor program or projects and now have your own unique vision of how to improve global health, but you do not how to move to the next level in your career and make your vision come true. You need a system to achieve your visionary goals, impact more people and save more lives. You are ready to make history!

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Read what clients say about MIDEGO's Programs:

“Everything I learned from MIDEGO has been extremely helpful and I am actually proud of my achievements so far in my organization where I am employed.”

–Accra, Ghana


“Dear Dr Elvira, I want to really thank you for the encouragement and motivation you rendered through the course of our interactions, if only Nigerians, and TSHIP specifically are like you, we will do more, much more than we can imagine for I now understand the power of words and how it can make a positive change to our perception and zeal to do more.

- Nigeria


"It really is worthwhile for both the seasoned MPHer and the beginner who is getting started. I have come away with great new perspectives, tools,and fresh vigor. I believe in your program and say this with first hand experience. I am a well-educated and seasoned MPHer but I still benefited greatly from this - academia does not have all the answers and the practical 'real world' approach of your program complements it well.”



“I would like to express my appreciation to you for giving me the opportunity be part of the exciting and enriching 7-day MPH Program. This program is unique and very practical. I am looking forward for the challenges of utilizing skills and knowledge gained in my work situations.”

- Papua New Guinea


“Everything I learned from MIDEGO has been extremely helpful and I am actually proud of my achievements so far in my organization where I am employed”.

– Ghana


"As a result of this program, the way I work has definitely changed. This program helps me develop checklists to meet quality standards, think really big and reach 1% everyday."

- Myanmar


“Thank to you, your literature and video class are greatly fostering my career”.

– Zambia


“I’m delighted for all the coaching materials you developed and forward to me. I really appreciate them and wish to state that they have been very helpful in strengthening our advocates.”

– Nigeria


“Thank you for the good lessons you are giving out, they really help. Actually, I am working on some of them to convert my career into a public health personnel”

– Tanzania


"I wish every health worker and policy maker in health could undergo this program… I intend to share this program with many fellow country men and women.."

- Zambia


“It offered a practical way to achieve public health goals. I was whirled into the whole experience and it made me think of ways I could do things my way and still achieve success. It was fantastic! I am more confident now interacting with public health professionals because now I know I have a valuable contribution towards improving the health of vulnerable groups”.

- Kenya


“I’m more willing to try to make a change. My working behavior has entirely changed because of this program. Think big and reach 1% every day, apply QEC have impacted in my daily activities. And now I’m always seeing positive result.”

- Nigeria

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am always fascinated by the public health work and did not have a clear idea of what they do and by doing this 7day MPH program I was able to get a better picture of what the public health field is all about."


Dr. Elvira interviews Dr. Basheer about his experience working with MIDEGO's online training

Dr. Manoj Patki (India) - Dr. Patki completed the 7-Day MPH in January 2010 and immediately set to work on his “Child Needs Immunization Program.” He is committed in working towards reaching MDG 4 (reducing child mortality) by improving immunization coverage among children in India. Within 100 days following completion of the 7-Day MPH, Dr. Patki was able to recruit student volunteers from a medical college to conduct a mapping of available health services for mothers and children in the village of Raghunathapalem. He, along with his team, was able to navigate available resources for the project through Self Help Groups (SGHs) – village-based micro-finance intermediaries in which members make small savings contributions building enough capital to begin lending. Remarkably, after receiving a project start up grant from MIDEGO and support from community leaders and government health staff, Dr. Patki’s “Child Needs Immunization Program” covers an average of 20 Children and 15 mothers every week. To find out more about the “Child Needs Immunization Program”, contact Dr. Patki at drmbpatki@yahoo.co.in

Client Videos

Interview with Dr. Chidi Ukandu